Don’t let email interrupt your entire day.

Kukoo offers a temporary inbox for email you don’t need to read immediately. We queue those messages and deliver them to your existing email address a few times a day.

Gain back control over your mailbox and create a free Kukoo address.

“If you haven’t been able to give singletasking a proper go, this could be the app to get you started.” Kukoo: web-based email tool for singletaskers gigaom

Frequently asked questions

Will I need to tell everyone about my new email address? No! Kukoo is primarily meant to be used to sign up for newsletters, social media notification messages and other often automated emails. If you’re receiving mails from those kind of services already, just change your email address.

Could I use Kukoo for all my mail? Sure you can (in fact, that's where we believe is Kukoo'ss future). Up to you to decide whether you want all your email messages to be queued and delivered by Kukoo or only the unimportant ones.

Can I use my own domain rather than @kukoo.com? Yes: just set up a forwarding email address and point it to your Kukoo address.

What if I have more questions? Then you should certainly have a look at our knowlegde base.

Use your @kukoo.com any time you don’t want email to be delivered immediately.

How Kukoo works

Hate it too when email constantly interrupts your day? Let your contacts know you finally found a decent solution!

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